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SGT Distribution & Schedule

The total supply of 1,000,000,000 SGT tokens will be distributed over the years with the following allocation:
TGE: November 29th 2021 (originally SOLACE, now migrated to SGT)
i. Solace DAO Treasury (grants, bounties, etc.): 10% [100,000,000 SGT]
ii. SOLACE-to-SGT Migration: 5% [50,000,000 SGT]
iii. Incentives (details below): 55% [550,000,000 SGT]
iv. Solace Labs (advisors, investors, team, MM): 30% [300,000,000 SGT]


SGT gauges: incentivize veSGT and lending pools’ liquidity
  • Starting emissions rate 2,500,000 SGT/week
  • Emissions reduce every year by 1.3 coefficient
  • Approaching total supply limit in 10 years